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We wish to initiate contacts between communities, join people and strengthen solidarity in Europe.

Criticism of the Mayor’s Behaviour in the Municipal Council

Sept. 28, 2023

„Mayor disregards the Municipal Council and the volunteer work“, this was the accusation during the meeting of the Municipal Council this week. The Mayor was not authorized to unilaterally overturn the decision made by the Municipal Parliament in 2021 in favour of a partnership with Sulmona. Two years ago, the Municipal Council had mandated Mayor Bubenzer to sign a treaty on town twinning with Sulmona. To the contrary, should his efforts not be successful, the Municipal Council would have had to deliberate again on their decision – if a different approach would make sense or if the decision should be revoked.

The Mayor was also accused of having given false information to the public. Contrary to Bubenzer’s statement, the chairpersons had not been informed on his intent to declare the end of the efforts for town twinning in a letter to the Mayor of Sulmona. Consequently, he had not received the desired approval.

Also refer to our local newspaper „Darmstädter Echo“ of September 25, 2023: Lack of Understanding at Sulmona

Mayor Overturns the Partnership with Sulmona


By a letter to the city of Sulmona Mayor Bubenzer declared the efforts for city twinning as finished. It goes without saying that in this letter and the home page of the community all facts that had led to an affront of the representatives of Sulmona were not mentioned. Download a summary of the yearlong process.

His negative attitude from the outset towards town twinning with Sulmona thus has reached the final point. Argumenting in the beginning with the large distance to Sulmona, in the meantime it was the inactivity of the Mayor and in the end “difficulties in communication” were said to be the reason. Mr. Bubenzer strictly refused to involve the Partnership Association of Alsbach-Hähnlein into the conversations with the respresentatives of Sulmona. Did he not want somebody to see into his cards? Does not the representation of the community – who had decided in favour of the town twinning - have to decide how to proceed further?

Follow-Up of the EU Project

Alsbach-Hähnlein again is visited by partners of the project “Citizens for Europe - KEYtoEU"


Members to the PVAH and Partners of the EU Project KEYtoEU visit the European Parliament at Strasbourg on Europe Day

The EU project KEYtoEU continues to have an impact. After the official end of the project in the Summer of 2022 participants from seven European communities came together again to an unofficial meeting at Alsbach-Hähnlein from May 7 to 10, 2023:
Massamagrell (Spain), Sulmona (Italy), Atalanti (Greece), Tirana (Albania), Kozloduy (Bulgaria), Coordinator of the Project (Hungary).
High light was the visit to a session of the European Parliament at Strasbourg on May 9, Europe Day of the European Union. On this day the "Schuman Declaration" is commemorated, which in 1950 laid the head stone of the European Union.


New Attempt for Town Twinning


In January Alsbach-Hähnlein Will Make a New Attempt to Get On with the Planned Town Twinning with Sulmona

The ancient poet Ovid who was born in Sulmona in the year 43 b.C. is still today the most important citizen of the town and was honoured by a monument.

During the most recent session of the community parliament the Mayor, Mr. Bubenzer, declared on demand concerning the present state of affairs of the planned partnership that during the most recent phone conversation with his Italian colleague the latter had still asked for time due to pending topic subjects of his community. 

Nevertheless, the administration would make a new advance in January for a meeting with Mr. Di Piero for a personal meeting of both mayors. On this occasion, according to Mr. Bubenzer, it is also planned to discuss the further steps to be taken at both communities for the official sealing of the joint partnership.

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Alsbach-Hähnlein in Dialogue with Europe

Community Participates in Meeting of ”Key to EU“ in Several Countries



Massamagrell Welcomes the Second Event of the Project “KEYtoEU”

This morning at the Cultural Centre at Massamagrell the second event of the European projects
KEYtoEU began, a project aiming at connecting the younger people of communities to the European
Union, thus involving them in their initiatives.
This project has an intergenerational character as a pillar to its functioning, aiming at the integration
of the civil and political society, especially of the younger people, to the functioning of the European
Union and its multiple kinds of assistance which are offered for the development of the young

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Alsbach-Hähnlein Invites Italian Friends

Mayor Sebastian Bubenzer Plans Possible Signing of the Deed of Partnership with Sulmona for End of April.

“The draft for the official signing, presented to mayor Sebastian Bubenzer already last summer, has, however, not yet been signed” he (Hans Herrmann, PVAH) says. Presently, both communities participate again in a European project together with several further communities of European countries.
But now the matter of the official conclusion of the partnership between both communities have been activated. “In the person of mayor Gianfranco Di Perio I have gotten a new counterpart since his election in October last year, however, due to the present developments of Corona also in Italy there have been more urgent issues” explains Mr. Bubenzer who had already congratulated his new colleague to his election thus making first contact.

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Kick-off Event of the EU Project „KeyToEU“

With a delay of one year, due to the Corona pandemic, and after several online meetings the first personal meeting of partners from 9 European countries took successfully place at Alsbach-Hähnlein. Read more


key to solving social problems and supporting

the evolution of Europe in future

1st Partners' Meeting

Alsbach-Hähnlein (Germany) 30.09. - 03.10.2021

Municipal Council Decides in Favor of Town twinning with Sulmona

Reception at Sulmona Town Hall in 2018

During the session on July 13, 2021 of the municipal council of Alsbach-Hähnlein a decision was made in favour of the official town twinning between Alsbach-Hähnlein and Sulmona. Beside Diósd and Crinitz at Eastern Europe and Germany respectively, this is a community in the South of Europe.

Already at the end of 2018 letters had been exchanged on the intent of town twinning and cooperation of both communities. We appreciate it very much that the intensive contacts to Sulmona in existence since 2012 shall now be elevated to the official step of town twinning – this also before the background of the numerous inhabitants of Italian descent in our country. [M1] Pending a corresponding resolution of the local bodies at Sulmona this can be confirmed.

European Project „KeytoEU“: Start Postponed because of Corona Pandemic

Due to the present infection situation, the start-up meeting of the project at Alsbach-Hähnlein unfortunately had to be postponed. A new date has not yet been fixed.

European Project "KeytoEU" Will Be Starting

We made it! Our project "Solidarity - key to solving problems and supporting the evolution of Europe" was the only German project to receive the award in the sector “Citizens for Europe”.

Only by social interaction (solidarity) building teams will Europe have a future, and we must succeed in having the young generation thrilled by this thought. Issues will be discussed, experience exchanged with representatives of communities from eight further countries (Italy, Poland, Greece, Spain, Bulgaria, Hungary, Czech Republic, Albania): How to solve social issues locally showing solidarity? How to involve citizens in the support of the future development of Europe?The start-up presentation is expected to take place at Alsbach-Hähnlein from September 17 to 20, 2020. Representatives from the communities involved will be invited to join the event. The programme is to follow shortly.


The Italian Friends of Alsbach-Hähnlein Came to See Our Christmas Market

On occasion of the Christmas Market a delegation from Sulmona – due to illness unfortunately less numerous - were our guests at Alsbach-Hähnlein partnership association. Members of our association kindly provided again private accommodation and meals so that the association did not have to bear any costs.

Our Italian friends were very interested in the Christmas markets, which they have not yet known like that. Visiting markets at Zwingenberg, Alsbach-Hähnlein, Jugenheim and Darmstadt gave an impression on how we make pre-Christmas spirit come alive. This was completed by attending Santa Claus Jazz by a band called „en Haufe Leit“ (lots of people) at “Octagonal House” Jazz Club at Darmstadt.

A further item of the programme was a visit to the Exhibition of the political sketches by Mr. Heitzinger (a famous German cartoonist) at local history museum at Hähnlein. The cultural consultant of the city of Sulmona, Mrs Manuela Cozzi, noted with great pleasure that the goat is the symbolic animal of Hähnlein. She runs a biological farm at the Abruzzi where there are 1,350 sheep, 300 goats and 51 sheep dogs and offers a number of courses and hands-on trainings:  Collaborativo Agritouristica

Former mayor Rausch,
Mrs Manuela Cozzi, Mrs Sofia Caprioli,
Mayor Bubenzer, Ms Antonella Caprioli (from left to right)

Love for goats:
at Hähnlein and on Mrs Cozzi’s farm at the Abruzzi

Visit from Capestang at Alsbach Fair in 2019

In 2019, two kind ladies from Capestang took part in the fair at Alsbach and informed themselves during further days about our community and its surroundings. They were positively impressed by the friendly welcome of the members of our partnership association and of the official representatives of the community. („Merci encore pour votre accueil"). They very much liked the atmosphere at the fair ("Beaucoup de bons souvenirs dans la tête..."). Moreover, excursions to Rhine River, to Weinheim and Heppenheim were part of the programme. As usual, members of our association provided accommodation for the guests from our partnership communities.


PVAH booth

After barrel tapping – from left Nicole Dangmann, Michele Ghiazza (both from Capestang), Hans Herrmann (PVAH)

Conversation at the bar
Conversation at the bar
The Italian corner
Internationally awarded wine from Capestang
Hermannshof at Heppenheim


Sulmona Intends to Become Twin Town of Alsbach-Hähnlein

The parliament of the city of Sulmona has decided to become twin town of Alsbach-Hähnlein. To this purpose, letters of intent were exchanged between the two communities. Now it is the turn of Alsbach-Hähnlein’s community parliament to make a decision on town twinning with Sulmona. Beside the town twinning with Diósd this would raise contacts to Sulmona to an official level (since a joint European project in 2012 there have been more than 20 mutual visits). Thus, it would be possible to strengthen the European Idea in a very tangible way at the same time recognizing the commitment of the members to the partnership association during the last years. Moreover, receiving subsidies (e.g. by the EC) also depends on the official town twinning. Further information on Sulmona

Sixteen citizens from our community attended this year’s music festival „Piano Piano“ at Sulmona from August 16 to 19, 2019. For the third time they experienced the wonderful atmosphere of this middle Italian town at the Southern edge of the Abruzzi and the sincere and warm hospitality of our Italian friends. 
Market place with aqueduct

Market place
Red garlic
Corso Ovidio Street
Place 20th September with Ovid Monument
Church Santa Maria della Tomba

Cultural Consultant Mrs Manuela Cozzi signs the letter to be sent to our community

Piano Piano Festival

Piano Piano Festival
Piano Piano Festival

Di Rocca Castle at the Abruzzi

Laura and Santo play act for children at Calascio